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Head Administer
Head Administer
Welcome to Excellzone.

Dear members,

We are looking for any kind of coders, if you are interested in joining our coder team please pm me. remember you have a be a experience coder.

Thank you for taking your time reviewing this short note. By the way we are looking for a banner for excellzone if you want to make one for excellzone please feel free to make one, if i pick your banner ill make you a special rank.

Note: if you're interested in joining excellzone coder team please Pm me in this format:
What do you code?:
How long have you been coding:
Have you ever release any of your work?:

Yours truly,

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Level 9
Level 9
I'll ask my friend his VIP coder

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Level 5
Level 5
black what did your friend say? Hope he codes for us Smile

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